Knife Sharpening and Repairs

Knife Sharpening

Our cutting-edge knife sharpening service is second to none, and can be ordered right here online. Place your order and just post us your knife/knives for sharpening – it’s quick and convenient. We sharpen all types of knives, including hunting knives, ceramic knives and all your kitchen knives.

When you post your knives to us for sharpening please protect the tips, wrap each one individually and make sure they are well wrapped.

Knife Repairs

We all have a favourite knife, whether we use it for cooking in the kitchen, as a professional chef, for crafts and hobbies. If the blade suffers damage, it can be distressing as well as inconvenient to have to find a replacement.

Never fear, if your trusty knife blade suffers a nick, loses its tip, or becomes bent or warped we can fix it as good as new. Select the appropriate knife repair in our online repair shop, post us your knife and we’ll return it to its original condition.

DO NOT send knives in display cases or knife rolls as they do not provide adequate protection once sharpened.

Please remember to wash all knives before use. This is to remove all traces of the polish and any solvents used in the sharpening process.

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