Tools - Chisels/Saws/Plane Blades

Chisel Sharpening

You may be surprised to learn that a dull chisel is more dangerous than a sharp one when you’re getting down to some serious woodwork. That’s because if the chisel is not sharp you’ll need to use excessive force, leaving the way open for slip-ups that could damage you, or the item you’re working on.

Order your sharpening here online for chisels of all diameters. We also repair damaged chisels. We sharpen square to eye so we can put on a great edge for general woodworking – and we do not lap the back of chisels or put on micro bevels.

Plane Irons Sharpening

You’re probably more interested in getting on with your woodworking that worrying about sharpening up your tools, but don’t forget that without a keen edge on your plane you could well ruin your whole project.

We take the pain out of honing your plane with our efficient sharpening service – just send us your planes and we’ll grind them to perfection, ready to take on any task. We’ll take the edge of your plane iron to 25 degrees, removing all dents and nicks, leaving a mirror finish.

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

No matter how good the quality of your circular saw blade is, it will begin to dull over time. You’ll start to notice subtle signs like the cuts it makes are not quite as straight and clean as they used to be – the edges may burr slightly. Then perhaps you’ll become aware that the motor of the saw is working harder to make those cuts – it may be running with a higher pitched sound than when your saw was new.

When your good quality circular saw blade’s sharpness begins to tail off it is definitely worth having it professionally sharpened rather than spending out for a new one. We can sharpen up your saw blade for just a few pence per tooth to return it to almost good as new condition, meaning it will have plenty of life left in it after we’re done.

When you place an order for circular saw blade sharpening here online don’t forget to enter the number of teeth your blade has in the quantity box so we can calculate the price. If you’re sending us more than one saw blade to sharpen add the total number of teeth for all the blades.

Please note: There may be very slight inaccuracies if an engineers square is used to check the edge, but this will not matter in the slightest when used for general carpentry, and any discrepancy will be slight.

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