A5 Dog clipper blades Oster, Aesculap, Andis, Heiniger, Lister etc.

Below is an example for A5 blades but we sharpen all makes and models of clipper blades such as Oster, Aesculap, Andis, Heiniger, Wahl, Lister and all other Horse and Dog clipper blades etc.

Spring tension measured.Taken apart.Cleaned and disinfected.Blade socket checked and set correctly.Hollow ground on an Andis style plate.

Spring tension adjusted as required.Blade glide installed free of charge if required. Oiled.Put back together ensuring the blades are set correctly.Finally a test cut is performed using one of our clipper machines.Clipper blade parts are available if required.

You may notice some red fluff when blades are returned, don’t be concerned as this is just part of our final testing process when red fake fur is used to test each blade for sharpness.


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