Sharpening of Kitchen, Bread & Serrated Knives (6 inches and under)

Traditionally when a knife or blade edge is sharpened by drawing the blade through interlocking abrasive sharpening wheels, or a large single wheel, the edge bevel will be slightly concave (hollow ground) in shape, following the curvature of the wheel(s).

However, many knife experts believe it is better to have the bevel in a convex form (gothic arch), which gives a sharper edge for the same tip angle, also the edge is said to be stronger and longer lasting.

Therefore, we will always try to sharpen knives with a convex gothic arch edge at 15 degrees each side. If you would prefer us to sharpen your knives using the conventional hollow ground (concave) method, then please just tell us as its no problem. There is a section for special instructions as you place your order.


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